• Semana Economica (Peru)

    Note: This article is based on the carbon market, its behavior and future evolution, taking the material obtained during the "Mercados de Carbono" (Carbon Markets) seminar, which Foresight 2020 and GBDN held in Buenos Aires and Lima in April 2010, as a reference.

    Date: 09 to May, 2010
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  • Radio Milenium (Argentina)

    Broadcast journalists: Carlos Mendez / Daniel Fernandez Canedo
    Interview: Carlos Magariños (listen)
    Subject: International economy – Greek crisis / EU
    Date: 01 to May, 2010
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  • Ambito Financiero Newspaper (Argentina)

    Note: Current status of carbon markets, CDM in Latin America and Argentina, business potential and strategic vision for the country - Carlos Magariños, CEO & chairman of the GBD Network, and Suresh Prabhu, former Indian minister.

    Date: 09 to April, 2010
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  • Ambito Financiero Newspaper (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

    Section: General Information
    Subject: Carlos Magariños’ personal interview with the secretary general of the United Nations, Ban Ki-moon, to analyze multilateral policies on climate change and investments in the sector.


    Date: 24 to September, 2009
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