Agriculture plays a vital role for economic growth and sustainable development.

The high numbers of populations from developing countries using agriculture as their livelihood are public knowledge.

The intense geopolitical and demographic changes that have occurred in recent years generated effects of which consequences were imposed to delineate current trends. Here is a brief summary of the main factors considered:


These trends, together with the economic and financial upheavals of the last years (stock market crash in 2008, followed by the debt crisis and global recession) led to a change towards real assets that favored this sector. 

The growing interest of both public and private international investors who see a high profit potential in agriculture is reflected in the successive and high use of investment funds structures (cross-border acquisitions of land by sovereign wealth funds, private equity funds, agricultural producers and other key representatives of the agrifood industry). 

Foresight 2020 analyzes investment strategies for their clients based on trends and prospects that the agribusiness sector provides for medium and long term.